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7.3 Employee data

At year-end 2016, the number of employees had increased to 2,807 FTEs. A total of 63% of Accell Group employees are covered by a collective labour agreement. The tables below show how the number of employees are divided in terms of region, gender, age and type of contract.

Temporary employee: a person working for a company that supplies services to Accell (no employment contract with Accell)

In 2016, Accell Group recorded absenteeism of 4.11 % due to sick leave and 0.08% due to workplace accidents. The table below shows the division of sick leave and accidents in terms of region and gender.


Relative: expressed as the period of absence divided by the total work time.

In 2016, the average number of training hours per employee rose to 11.9 hours per FTE. The tables below show the division of the number of training hours in terms of region, gender and type of employee.


Direct employees: active in production
Indirect employees: not active in production