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7.8 Glossary

CO2 equivalent
Emissions of greenhouse gasses are often measured in CO2 equivalents, or CO2-eq in short. This is a unit of measurement used to help make comparisons between the contributions of various greenhouse gasses to the greenhouse effect.

Compliance with legislation and regulations and codes of conduct within the organisation.

Connected – Connectivity
Bicycles that are linked or connected to the internet.

Corrective action plan
Programme of improvements to meet the stipulated criteria.

Customer journey
The customer’s journey through the purchasing process.

FTEs (full-time equivalents)
The number of employees expressed in full-time equivalents (40-hour week).

Combination of issues and rules in the field of sound corporate governance.

Materiality matrix
Mix of the importance stakeholders and the organisation attach to certain subjects.

Multi-brand (strategy)
Marketing strategy using a portfolio of several brands.

Person or group that may have an effect on or is affected by the realisation of corporate objectives. Examples of stakeholders include customers, employees and shareholders.  

Value creation
The creation of value for the company (including its own organisation), society and the environment.

Value chain
Collection of parties who together execute a process and by doing so create economic or social value.